F1 Students

F1 international students must research and evaluate the school they attend. It is important for international students to verify that the school is accredited by either ACCET or CEA. After making sure that your new international language school in Las Vegas is accredited to teach English, it is important to check the reviews of each school. Sometimes it’s better to drive 5 minutes extra to go to a good school with a good reputation, many years of experience, and great teachers than to go to a school you won’t be happy attending. If your plans are to study English in Las Vegas, Uceda School of East Las Vegas is an excellent choice.

F1 students can also compare pricing, be it registration prices and also monthly pricing. Make sure you check if your school requires a transfer fee, and make sure that you have paid all the necessary fees in order to transfer out of your previous school. There may be some schools who terminate a student even though they are transferring out due to lack of payment or poor attendance. Make sure you have paid all your dues and are over the eighty percent attendance or percentage of attendance required by your previous school.

It is important to visit the school and speak to the office and staff since you will be studying with them and seeing them on a daily basis.